Emma Goldman Would Have Beat Your Ass

by Evan Greer

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This tranarcho-punk song is inspired by the time Emma Goldman literally whipped her former mentor in front of a crowd of people because he snitched out and condemned her lover after he tried to assassinate a fascist robber baron. Look it up. This song and more will be on an EP i've recorded during quarantine. More info soon.


Posting videos
Of andrew cuomo
He’s so sexy
He’s so strong

You ignore the strikers
The deaths in rikers
George w bush?
You fucking frauds!

You’ve betrayed
the working class

Emma goldman
would have beat your ass

Dirtbag leftists
Sharing memes
Snake emojis?
You think you’re at war?

Bernie Sanders?
In your dreams.
The system’s rotten
To the core

You should have listened

Emma Goldman
Would have beat your ass

Adam Schiff?
The CIA?
The Resistance?
What a fucking joke.

You blame the Russian
You wave the flag
You call for censorship
And call it woke

You’re half baked liberal
Politics are trash

Emma Goldman
Would have beat your ass

You should have
Listened to crass

Emma Goldman
Would have beat your ass

Emma Goldman would have
Beat your ass


released June 27, 2020
Evan Greer - guitars, bass, drums, vocals, production
Saoirse - additional vocals
Gaetano Vaccaro - video editing



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