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i wrote this song during the greenscare, a sweep-up of environmental and animal liberation activists led by the FBI and Homeland Security at the behest of major corporations who profit from the exploitation of animals and the earth.

the final verse is dedicated to Brad Will, who was a friend of mine and an indymedia journalist from NYC who was murdered in Oaxaca, Mexico during a popular uprising there.


these past few nights we've slept with skin warm on skin
and the sirens in the hours before dawn
the weak grey light too much to keep me from thinking
your hand in mine enough to keep me feeling strong
and if they come for us by morning
with that knock knock on the door
i'll hold you a little closer as they reach the second floor
and if i have to give my name
you know i won't be giving yours
i'll run my hands through your hair
and say it's them who's really scared
cuz they know our love is stronger
than their bars could ever be
that afternoon we sat cross legged in the backyard
as the smoke erased our pictures dates and names
took just one match to burn this poetic evidence
and just one glance to see our fear reflected in the flames
and if you called me up past midnight
you hear that clicking on the line?
i would try to reassure you that everything is fine
and if you have to give your name
i know you won't be giving mine
you'll run your hands through my hair
and say it's them who's really scared
cuz they know our love is stronger
than their bars could ever be
sometimes you give em hell
and sometimes there's hell to pay
but they know damn well
that we are not going away
we may be lying through our teeth
but we'll still sing we are not afraid
and friends i swear that i'll keep singing
if they take you away
when they come for us by sundown
black steel glints in vacant eyes
we'll shake our heads and link our arms
and ask how many more must die?
in defense of earth and freedom
in defiance of the lies
we've been fighting for so long
and i just can't believe you're gone
still i know our love is stronger
than their guns could ever be


from Evan Greer - Never Surrender, released February 1, 2009
evan greer - guitar, banjo, vocals
rachel arnold - cello




Evan Greer Boston, Massachusetts


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